Types of Therapy


  • Cognitive-Therapy…( how, and what we think, self talk therapy, belief systems)
    this type of therapy is successful with anxiety/ depression  and clinical depression disorders.
  • Trauma Therapy (short and long-term Trauma).
  • Historical Therapy, (Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Patterns).
  • Personality Therapy, (Who we are, or think we are).
  • Relational Therapy, ( Children, Young Adults, Adults, and Seniors).
  • Play Therapy, (children primarily).
  • Biblio Therapy, ( views of God).
  • Imagination  Therapy, ( deep wounds).
  • Short Systematic Behavioral Therapy, ( SSBT), strong -willed children, social disorders, depression , rage, misplaced children, lack  of motivation, sex issues, self-image disorders, primarily for young children and teenagers.
  • Forgiveness Therapy,( not what  you  think it is).
  • Addiction Therapy,( we treat the roots, not the symptoms, no bandied therapy.
  • Family Interventional Therapy, ( The entire family and individual’s)
  • Small Business Conflict Resolution, ( Executive of 18 years).
  • Shamed Based Relationships, (  Individuals and family’s).