Brian has been through so much with me. He did my marriage counseling and then continued to counsel me through my divorce and there after.
Brian uses an array of theologies that can be somewhat complicated and breaks simply so that you are able to understand them and apply them to your life.

One of my many favorite quotes from Brian was. ” This too shall pass.” So simple, yet something I had to remind myself of daily when the storms of life were raging.

He was there to empathize with me, pray with me, and provide wisdom that was so greatly needed when I the world as I knew it fell apart.  He was easily accessible, always ready to lend advice, and always kept the process moving along.

I really liked the fact that whatever Brian and I were working on, we would set a goal, work towards it and move on from it. I never felt like I would just have endless sessions with him that were not helping me grow and develop into the person I am today.
His honesty let me take off the blinders that I had been wearing for years in my relationship, and now I truly feel like I all of my relationships are better, healthier and happy.

I learned how to depend on myself for my happiness and to let go of the things I cannot control. Because of our time spent together, I know myself better than I ever have, and this is key in leading a flourishing and happy life.

I am so thankful that Brian Young was brought into my life. I have grown tremendously emotionally, spiritually and mentally by working with him.