About Brian

A native Texan, Brian Young grew up with four siblings in the Houston area with incredible influence from his parents and grandparents. He has two rare and amazing children, and three exceptional grandchildren. Like Brian, they all bring a bright light to everyone they encounter.

While obtaining an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and Political Science from the University of Texas, a unique transformation occurred where Jesus became the focus of his life’s mission. He became a missionary for the Navigators in Albuquerque,  New Mexico for ten years and then moved toward a corporate life certifying in Nuclear Medical Specialties for eighteen years. At which point, he became intently focused on a dream and directive from Our Shepherd, Jesus. Following up with work toward his Masters in Professional Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University. Lynchburg, Virginia.

His work includes co-hosting a radio show covering multiple states, with, and counseling under the tutelage of Dr. Gary Lawrence, a professional Christian Psychologist. This experience was invaluable in creating the necessary foundation to devote his life work toward assisting others. He and Dr. Lawrence have maintained a connection for decades.
Brian is fierce in his continuing education. He finds the experiences of reading, laughing, general silliness, playing with children, communing with nature, story telling, and exceptional food, requirements for a balanced soul. This includes, great wine, a good cigar, the beach, fast cars, and learning to relax being content with the current environment.

Words cannot and do not describe the experience of Brian Young. He is truly a champion for every diverse person who crosses his path and is committed to your health and well being.