Thoughts to Live By


God places a very high value on truth. Jesus called himself Truth. (John 14:6)

We all read and interpret the Bible through the defective lenses of personal experience. Brian Young

Denial of truth impedes the healing we long to experience

“Any excuse will do”, Plato

Mid way through the path of my life I awoke, and their in a dark wood, and the true road was wholly lost to me”,  Dante (age 42).

“Shame is rooted in the lie that  human beings can and should be perfect”, William Buckas.

“Shame is the soul-deep belief that something is horribly wrong with me that is not wrong with anyone else in the entire world” Sandra Wilson Ph.D.

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The tree…concept has many meanings….and is only as strong as the well feed root system



When we are shame bound, we’ll always feel as if we have to work twice as hard to be half as good as someone else. Brian Young. This WAS my story.

” As the Bible says truth  will make us free, but first it makes us angry and miserable” Sandra Wilson, Ph.D

“One reason that spouses anger and disappoint us so much and so often is because we keep insisting that they  love us unconditionally, they can’t and never will” Marie Chapman.

We have to SEE before we will be free. Brian Young .

Many of us don’t feel we are worth it, whatever “worth it” might be. Brian Young.

What about you?
Are you worth knowing, being loved, being accepted as is?

What is your relationship with yourself?


Do you treat yourself like your best friend, or worst enemy? Brian Young

……..I have come to  realize through my own personal pain, that  we most often don’t do anything about our suffering because we are afraid to….Brian Young.

The journey of discovery and the process of healing is fun, and exciting. To learn new strategies and discard the ones that are broken is a reality.

I have organized my misery, and I’ll just live in IT. Brian Young

Some love is better than no love at all, Lies. Brian  Young.

“If what you appear to be, and what you know yourself to be, the further these two points are apart from each other will reveal your level of stress, and distress.” V. P. The Navigators, (George Sanchez), 1981.

It’s O.K. not to be perfect- I am changing, and practicing changing. BrianYoung…