Firstly, I would like to say to you, congratulations, congratulations for your courage and your strength.
It takes a lot of gumption to acknowledge that you may be in need of assistance.

Often times we resist the idea that unseen injuries are real and we hide them away thinking they will disappear.

Many of us think we are able to handle “anything” and just “deal” with it, no matter how cruel or crushing it may be, and we do it without even the slightest feeling of distress.

Obtaining mental and emotional freedom is a reality. (it is not just a word you hear from Dr. Phil, LOL)

NO matter what your situation,  or personal condition may be, our counseling goes to the source, and root of who you are.

We are only as sick as our secrets. Don’t let this scare you, for you will be loved and understood. Period.

When we seek to numb the pain of our seen or unseen wounds either knowingly, or unknowingly, with denial or other emotional anesthetics,  we will inevitably create additional pain for ourselves and others around us.

More often than not we hurt others where we have experienced our deepest hurts and wounds.

Deflected pain.  ?

Despair is NOT God’s plan for our lives, so then what do we do?

Dag Hammererskjold,said,” A person who is at war with himself will be at war with others.”
Through personal experience I am able write these words. Over many years having learned that being hard on yourself will lead you to being hard on others, including and even more so on your loved ones, I am now able to walk with, lead, and teach others how to find freedom from this daunting world.
ONLY, when we come to the end of ourselves, the end of our rope, will we reach out for something beyond what we know. Childhood strategies no longer work or do not work anymore.

If you want to go home, to the place of safety, security, and stability I want to walk with you into that space. Let’s find your freedom, and dance, maybe for the first time in your life. This is fun and exciting, but a little scary to take the first step.
I am proud of you for your courage. Congratulations!

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